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The Silver Seasons women's jewelry collection, designed by Michael Michaud,
captures the beauty and exquisite detail of nature in metals, pearls and stones.
These designs are easily recognizable and are featured in the finest museums,
craft galleries and specialty retailers in the world.

Offering glimpses into nature through your jewelry accessories,
Silver Season's dresses your necklaces and earrings with natural designs
like Ginkgo, Cherries, Driftwood and more of natures imperfect beauty.

SSilver Seasons Bittersweet Long Necklace
Silver Seasons Bittersweet Triple Drop Wire Earrings
Silver Seasons Ginkgo Long Necklace
Silver Seasons Ginkgo Leaf Bead Necklace
Silver Seasons Cherry Pin
Silver Seasons Driftwood Petite Link Necklace
Silver Seasons Petite Driftwood Long Necklace
Silver Seasons Petite Driftwood Large Hoop Earrings